Letter of Reference

Trekking Date 10th of October to 3rd of November. 2022, Everest Region

Namaste, I have found Santa Bahadur Ghale when I was planning my trip to Nepal. I wanted to do the treks in Sagarmatha/Mt Everest region. I’m very happy I decided to choose Santa, he has an excellent knowledge of the area and understands the skills and capabilities of his customers very well and makes the relevant plans respecting both, the wishes of the customers and the conditions like physical fitness, accommodation to altitudes and others. His communication skills are very good and speaks also very good English. He’s very responsible, very reliable and one can trust his judgment when planning the trips but also when on trails.

I strongly recommend anyone to hire Santa directly, avoiding the agencies and useless middlemen. With Santa you don’t get the usual guide/tourist relationship, you can easily become friends and I’m happy to call him a friend.

Gabreil from Czech Republic


Trekking Date 23rd of September to 4th of October 2022 in Annapurna circuit

I would like to give a warm recommendation for Mr. Santa Ghale

Santa was our Guide during two weeks trek to Annapurna mountains on October 2022 (Annapurna circuit). Santa has over 25 years of experience in all Nepali Treks with extensive knowledge about the route, the culture and always with positive approach and smile.

During our trek Santa took a great care of us and found s olutions to each and every difficulty we faced. I will be more than happy to do more treks with Santa, a guide that I will always remember.

Chen Kremer, Israel


I personally have a pretty good highmountain practice myself, thanks to my experience of mountaineering in many different countries and I usually walk alone. I would even say I do not like trekking with guides... This time, however, given it was Winter, with all its hazards and risks, I was looking for someone who could trek with me during a month or so.

Finding a guide in agencies in Kathmandu could be a real Hobson'schoice. Moreover - you will rarely have any personal contact with your future trekking mate before starting to hike. I met Santa in Lantang Valley, on a December afternoon, two years ago.

He was finishing a two-month walk with Richard, an British hiker. I was going up the valley. We had a good time together, talking about Nepal, Nepali people, the Himalayas... The itinerary they had just done was truly impressive. I was eagerly listening to their stories, since it was the first time I was there. Santa speaks good English and we had a great conversation together with him and Richard.

will not know anything about his personality or experience before will not know anything about his personality or experience before meeting him. Many guides are too young to have an understanding of their clients, even if they know the region well. Let alone treks ruined by guides constantly playing with their cell phones !…

Encouraged by Richard’s stories, I finally asked Santa to accompany me on the Annapurna Circuit as well as the Annapurna Sanctuary.

Although his mountain knowledge is outstanding, I was concerned about having to live several weeks next to a man I barely knew. Our guide/touristrelationship rapidly became a real friendship. Santa's discretion, sensitivity, his constant good nature and sense of humor make him an outstanding companion and we had lots of interesting conversations. Thanks to Santa, I got an great opportunity to approach the Nepali culture and better understand his country.

Lots of thanks, Santa!

Tadeusz Kassatti, Geneva


My husband and I trekked with Santa for 30 days in May 2011, beginning the trek in Jiri, walking to Lukla, and following the three-passes route. The route gave us a full spectrum of terrain, and offered some spectacular views throughout the Khumbu region. Santa knows the region well and his expert guidance kept us on track -- we surely would have lost the trail on the way to Lukla at least a few times if not for his guidance. His acclimatization plan was perfect and we adjusted well to the altitude. He also suggested some excellent side trips to surrounding peaks, including Chhukung Tse (5,800 m/19,030 ft), Island Peak base camp and Kala Patar, as well as several gompas along the way.

Santa is responsible, honest and genuinely wants his clients to enjoy their experience. We appreciated his sense of humor and he is pleasant and easy to be around. He was helpful in coordinating our transportation to and from the trek, and had some excellent advice for where to stay and eat in Kathmandu (we ended up leaving our hotel who someone else recommended to one Santa recommended instead). He is dependable, professional and we would certainly use his services again if we returned to Nepal.

Lonna Ramirez -( San Diego , California)


My wife and I just completed the Three Passes Trek with Santa in May 2012. The trek was absolutely stunning but we need to mention that the experience would not have been the same without our guide Santa for many different reasons. Santa is a very good guide due to his experience and knowledge of the mountains, but also due to his focus on keeping his customers safe at all times. Santa did a great job planning many aspect of the trip, including making good selections of tea houses and booking ahead to ensure we got good rooms. It was also very clear that Santa is very observant, a good judge of character, and makes sure that his customers are always feeling well. His recommendations to take an extra day for acclimatization when my wife was not feeling 100% was spot on, and while guiding us over the passes, he went above and beyond to ensure our safety by pointing out potential dangers and leading the way through the safest route.

On a more personal side, we could not have wished for a more well rounded person. Santa has a great sense of humor, and is very knowledgeable when it comes to Nepali culture, politics, and many other topics, which made conversations interesting. We met many other trekkers along the route that mentioned how good our guide seemed, and we couldn't agree more. Santa also managed to find the perfect balance between being serious when necessary, joking with us, leaving us space at times, and educating us about the surroundings. We highly recommend Santa and we look forward to exploring different regions in Nepal with him in the future. If you would like to read more on our experience and trip, please check our blog at

Florent and Vicki country:-USA/Canada


Other References

The trip of a lifetime! I would recommend Santa to absolutely anyone

Apr 2023 • Couples

I feel absolutely honored to have experienced the 8-day Langtang Valley trek with Santa. He is the kindest, most helpful and most knowledgeable guide I have ever had, and I have hiked in countries all over the world! He is always willing to go the extra mile to make your experience better. This was my first multi-day hike, and Santa enabled my partner and I to climb the Tsergo Ri summit (4984m high). I am so proud of myself for achieving this, and it is all down to Santa. His organizational skills are excellent and he always made sure we stayed in the nicest rooms possible, ensuring we had a beautiful view and ensuite wherever possible. He is almost fluent in English and knew all the best spots to eat. He seems to know all the locals wherever we went and is clearly very well-regarded in the trekking world. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone. It became so obvious to us why so many of his clients are repeat customers, who wish to explore Nepal with Santa time and time again

Jasmine- UK/Canada


Brilliant Guide, beautiful trek. Will be back!

Apr 2023 • Couples

We went on the 8 day Langtang Valley Trek with Santa. We have treked all over the world and Santa was by far our best ever guide, he was friendly, accommodating and extremely knowledgable about all things, Nepal, mountains and Langtang. It didn't feel like 8 days and we had an absolutely amazing time. I will definitely be back in Nepal to trek again with Santa. He also really helped us on the final day to reach the summit with his positive attitude, I'm not sure we would have made it up without him. Thank you so much Santa!

George B- UK


Santa Ghale- Take the best and leave the rest

Jan 2023

Our little family did a 10 day Tsum Valley Trek/ Ganesh Himal with Santa Ghale and we can highly recommend him. Santa is very kind, very experienced and flexible. He takes the safety of his customers very serious and is always cheerful. We travelled with our 15 years old daughter and Santa was very emphatic for her needs as well.

Daniel -German


14 days with Santa

Jan 2023 • Solo

I did a 14 day Nepal trek (without any real research😂) with Santa Ghale. We did Langtang trial to Chirk Hori, KG ri and KG glacier and then doubled back for Gosainkund and Laurabina la pass. Santa was great; it was just he and I during January. He’s extremely knowledgeable, empathetic, kind and positive. He takes your safety and trek enjoyment very seriously and I highly recommend

Rex Lotito -United State



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